For ages I’ve been wanting to draw a little zine about heroines/female role models. Because, you know, it wasn’t until I was about 18 or 19 that I even had any. All my heroes were men, everything I wanted to do was what men did, and there were very few women who inspired me to want to be LIKE them.

Now, this was partly due to my upbringing in the middle of nowhere places, partly due to the general visibility of women in the areas of culture and pop culture which I was into at the time – and I quickly realised how wrong I was and how many women out there were being awesome and worth looking up to. And I want to make a little zine to honour these women.

And then I thought – why not open that up for contributors? I know tons of women who write/make art/will definitely have something to say on the matter. 

The zine will exist eventually as a printed copy, but as that means I won’t be able to say yes to all the submissions I get for that, I decided to also start this here submission-open Tumblr, so that everyone gets to have a go.

Here’s some guidelines:

1. The deadline for the first printed zine will either be late September/early October because else I’m too bogged down with other projects to have time to edit this. Obviously, there’s no deadlines for this Tumblr.

2. If you’re just writing, you can totally ask someone else to do an illustration to go with the piece. Collaborate in general!

3. I want you all to feel as perfectly comfortable picking a rock star/actress/pop culture icon to write about as well as politicians, authors, scientists, etc. And don’t worry about impressing by choosing someone REALLY obscure. It’s all about what’s inspired you and who you think is important and could be important for younger girls, growing up. Basically, if you want to pick someone obvious like Kathleen Hanna or Karen O, that’s fine.

Now, what are you waiting for? Click the “submit” tab at the top. Go go go!